Christian Bale Rant.

2009-02-08 04:07:32 by Liquid-86

This is a parody of the Christian Bale rant. The animation gets better as the movie rolls along. I was learning as I was doing. Compare the beginning to the end. The end seems more fluid and dynamic beginning kind of stiff.

Christian Bale Rant.

Finished Movie

2008-10-29 17:44:14 by Liquid-86

I finally finished my "Courtesy of the Red White and Blue" movie.

And it only took 3 years. I was'nt working on it everyday for 3 years, that would be crazy if it took that long. In that amount of time I could make a 2 hour flick. I started working on it at one point and then stopped for a long time. Here and there I added a scene finished a scene from time to time, untill, finally, done.

And here it is click to play

Finished Movie

Not as easy as it looks.

2007-07-28 00:07:34 by Liquid-86

Working on a Flash Music Video for 9/11. I got the pre-viz stuff done. You can see a frame of it in the pic I added. It's coming along nicely.

I already made a few finished characters, but I think I will redo them from ground up, because the color scheme has changed from what I had before. My previous 2 flash "works" were done more or less as spure of the moment type thing.

This one i actually made in the process that I am planning to make my other, bigger flash movies. I already have ides for about 5 flash films. 2 of witch would have to include an episode after episode because of their length.

I have a script started fro two of them, one is almost done. The other is close to being finished with th e1st episode.

Not as easy as it looks.

Working Hard.

2007-07-24 19:53:19 by Liquid-86

Currently I'm Working Hard on a music video flash. It's for 9/11. Not a lot of time left but It's coming along nicely.